Salesforce for AmeriCorps Programs: Making it Happen Wisely and Inexpensively

As more and more AmeriCorps programs switch to the free, nonprofit version of to manage key member info (contact details, background check status, the status of other paperwork being submitted), some programs are also spending tons of money on consultants to customize the free edition of Salesforce.

We’re wondering if any AmeriCorps program directors would be interested in us putting together a tutorial video on how to customize Salesforce on your own to easily manage all of this info — without paying consultants to do it.  It’d be a two to five hour investment of your time (depending on what you want to track), but it’d be a worthwhile, incredible investment. It’s obviously the busy season, so we probably wouldn’t be able to do this immediately, but it’s something we can likely do by the end of the year if it would be valuable for folks.

Please post your comments below.

Also, please note that we have no affiliation with Salesforce.  We’re just a big believer in what it can do for AmeriCorps programs.