“easy and awesome!”

“it’s like breathing”

“It’s all in one place”

The All-in-One Toolkit for Managing & Accelerating Social Impact Programs

Before the Impact Suite: You’re wondering how to manage it all – volunteer files, AmeriCorps member files, client records, survey instruments, impact reports, communications with your people, maybe even timesheets. Work feels scattered, there are too many logins, and way too many spreadsheets. After the Impact Suite: Soon you’re feeling like, “You know, I’ve got this.” Your program’s people and operations are organized in one place, you’re on top of things, you’re not spending your days reminding people to turn things in, a sense of calm flows into your body.

20 Years and Running

Since 2004, we’ve been the leader in providing social impact programs with an easy-to-use, efficient way to manage and support their people, measure impact, report results, and keep getting better.

We started out with just one person, and today we’re a company of nearly 50 people from all over the world.

Our team is made up of former AmeriCorps members and program directors, former library literacy program directors, parents, artists, designers, software engineers, poets, writers, singers, bikers, yogis, rowers, meditators, gardeners, photographers, readers, analysts, chefs, hikers, and hard workers.

Our Shared Passion

With such a diverse group of people, we bring a unique perspective to our work, but each of us shares a passion: giving social impact leaders more time and more resources to drive meaningful change.  We do that work by delivering simple-to-use technology backed by warm, informed, proactive care.

Our Software Service: The Impact Suite

Led by kindness-driven support, the web-based Impact Suite flexes to your needs, respects your budget, and just works.

And as your needs, goals, and dreams change, the Impact Suite adjusts to those changes — without any extra fees, customization delays, or the like.

Some organizations use each part of the Impact Suite while others use just one. Use what you need, and adjust, add, or remove features as life happens.

Our Clients Were Ready for Covid-19.


And they’ll be ready for the next suprise.

Covid-19 challenged nearly all of the organizations we serve to pivot their service-delivery operations overnight. The Impact Suite was intentionally designed for moments like these — when the world turns upside-down with little warning.

Our clients didn’t have to deal with customization delays or customization fees. They didn’t have to start managing this or that Google Doc, find new, temporary data systems, or deal with promises that new features would soon be released to handle their new reality.

Our clients didn’t have to tell any government funders that they would “soon” be in compliance with all of the new regulations and guidance that came out.

Our clients were ahead of the game. They simply used the Impact Suite’s built-in simplicity and flexibility to manage, monitor, and improve the new and modified services they’re offering. And they did this while working from home.

Check out the following video from an AmeriCorps program director in California about how she pivoted her use of the Impact Suite as her AmeriCorps members took on the role as essential workers during right after lockdowns were imposed.

Who It’s For

The Impact Suite is for teams (including teams of one!) who want a simple, efficient way to collect, manage, and make good use of their key operations and impact data so they can spend far more time focused on mission, not admin.

And it’s for teams who want reliable, compliant tools with a group of experienced guides at their side; guides they can call on for coaching and support whenever needed.

The range of organizations we serve is always expanding and spans the nation — from volunteer-driven tutoring and mentoring programs to national service organizations focused on conservation, nutrition, disaster relief, healthcare access, veterans services, college access, homelessness, and so many other areas.

Our Promise to You

This is our promise: that you’ll have all of the data you need in one easy-to-use place, backed by kind, knowledgeable, available staff, giving you the time and peace of mind you’ve been craving. Because when you have that time, when you have that peace of mind, you can focus on the reasons you took this job in the first place — to make the change in the world that you want to be responsible for.

We helped create this industry nearly 20 years ago, and we’ve been the leader in doing it with simplicity and kindness since then.

Thanks so much for visiting America Learns!  If you’re just browsing, enjoy your stay.  If you’d like to explore how we might be useful to you, we’d love to learn about your mission.

Our Team Leaders

Gary Kosman

Gary Kosman

Founder & CEO

Gary founded America Learns in 2003 after serving as a tutor and mentor during college. Since that time, he has served as an Echoing Green Fellow and was recently highlighted in the book, Creating Good Work: 25 of the World’s Leading Social Entrepreneurs Help You Build a Healthy Economy. In 2007, former President Bill Clinton recognized Gary and America Learns in the bestseller, Giving: How Each of Us Can Change the World.

One day, I’ll try:
One day I’ll hike Mt. Whitney.

Christina Williams Saulter

Christina Williams Saulter


As a two-time AmeriCorps member (NCCC and VISTA), program director for a youth development organization (America SCORES Cleveland), and as the former Program Director for an AmeriCorps National Direct (Coach Across America), Christina brings a ton of experience to the America Learns community. She studied poetry at Indiana University Purdue University of Indianapolis, and when she’s not finding creative ways to make service more fun and meaningful.

One day, I’ll try:
One day I’ll have three grown-up kiddos.

Susan Vega

Susan Vega

Adult Literacy Specialist

Susan Vega began her career in the California Library Literacy Services world back in 1995, starting out as a volunteer tutor. What originally started out as a six-month commitment became a 26-year journey during which she has worked in library literacy programs in Chula Vista, National City, Carlsbad, San José, and San Diego in a variety of capacities, including three years as an AmeriCorps VISTA and as the Program Director for CLLS AmeriCorps, the California State Library AmeriCorps Project.

One day, I’ll try:
One day I’ll go to Rapa Nui.

Kerrigan Boyd

Kerrigan Boyd

AmeriCorps Specialist

Kerrigan is a proud AmeriCorps alumna having served in both COMCorps and Summer VISTA programs. She is passionate about public service and has focused her career on addressing social justice issues including housing access, affordable healthcare, and local food initiatives. Kerrigan thrives on helping national service leaders maximize their impact while reducing their administrative burdens. Outside of work, Kerrigan enjoys hiking, gardening, making upcycled jewelry, and spending lots of time with her dogs.

One day, I’ll try:
One day I’ll hike the Pacific Crest Trail.

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Arun Singh

Networking, Security, and Code Support Team Lead

Arun leads the networking, security, and support sides of our engineering team, protecting client data and making sure any bugs that arise are squashed ASAP. Arun has been with America Learns since 2011, one of a number of team members on our engineering team who has been a part of our practice for more than 10 years. Arun has two kiddos and is very involved with loving family.

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Ritu Shukla

New Feature Team Lead

Ritu leads the portion of our engineering teams working on new and upgraded features. Prior to this role, Ritu led the survey and reporting team. Ritu is the longest-standing member of our engineering team, and never fails to bring calm and creativity to her work and leadership. If you get a chance to connect with her, ask her about the Art of Living.