The Impact Suite: For Service Commissions

One AmeriCorps Grants Management & Monitoring Platform

GPRs, financial reports, easy timesheet monitoring, easy member file reviews.  Welcome to your one-stop shop for both AmeriCorps and Volunteer Generation Fund.

Happiness & Ease for All

The Impact Suite is the only AmeriCorps grants management platform that was built to make life easy for both commission and program staff — not just one or the other.

Customization Fees?  Support Fees?  Data Storage Fees?

Never, never, and…never.

AmeriCorps and VGF Financial

Reporting & Financial Monitoring

a tool to make financial reporting truly simple for all

Friendly with AmeriCorps & Volunteer Generation Fund

Monitor all of your grant streams in one place.

Fully customizable budget templates

Do you like the eGrants template, or does your commission have a modified format? Customize things to your heart’s content.

Clear dashboards

Instantly see each program’s financial picture on a single page.

No extraneous e-mails with program staff

Truly everything you need can be collected here. You won’t need to deal with extra e-mails.

Doesn’t allow what shouldn’t be allowed

Customize the platform to allow for automated approvals of some forms in some scenarios (or not)

Automated & customizable reminder e-mails
E-mails feel as if they’re coming from you, not a bot.
Got high-risk grantees?

Have the platform collect additional and/or more frequent information from higher-risk grantees to make sure they get into (or stay in) compliance.

Need to review receipts?

Collect receipts directly from within expense reports.


Grantee Progress Reports for AmeriCorps & VGF

a tool to collect GPRs with ease

Collects everything on a single page

Don’t drive program staff nuts with multiple pages and tabs.

Aligns with your needs, not just AmeriCorps Agency requirements

Do you want to collect data in addition to what’s required by the AmeriCorps Agency? We’ve got you.

Tracks beyond the program year

Need to roll up three-year data for a given program. Do so with a tap instead of manually blending multiple Excel files or PDFs.


Keeps your data clean with a detailed audit trail.

Always know why and when changes were authorized and made.

Automated & customizable reminder e-mails
E-mails feel as if they’re coming from you, not a bot.
Issue additional reports and surveys whenever needed.

Need videos or photos for a social media campaign? Want to collect any other data outside of GPRs? Collect the info you need right away.

AmeriCorps Timesheets & Desk Reviews

timesheets designed with commissions & programs in mind

The simplest desk reviews

Seeing where each program’s members are with their hours is a tap away.

Builds reports to your liking

Create customized reports without having to contact support.

Fixed grant tracking-friendly

No need to juggle Excel docs and formulas. Everything you need is here.

Member Files & Reviews

make files a breeze for programs and for commission staff

Helps programs manage and share files easily

Help programs easily manage all of their member records in a single spot.

Facilitate document signing of enrollment paperwork, performance evaluations, and more.

Help programs say “so long” to third party doc signing tools by having docs signed right within their member file management system.

Review files with ease

During file review and desk audit season, review member files electronically

Program Applications

ready for eGrants modernization

Peace & Calm

We make applications easy for all — both on the program and commission side.

Easily Communicate with Applicants

When life happens (a change in deadlines or a last-minute change to a piece of the application), inform your applicants by e-mail and/or text.

Use it for VGF and Any Other Grants You Administer

The Impact Suite isn’t limited to AmeriCorps funding.  Handle applications for all of your grant streams.

Customer Support

relationships, not account numbers

Meet your new partner & cheerleader.

You’ll have dedicated points of contact here who will get to know every detail of your program so that you can count on us as true members of your team.

No surprises.

We want you to know exactly what you’re paying for, so before a contract is even signed, we’ll customize the Impact Suite for you.

We’re here for you seven days a week.

Our offices are staffed 12 hours a day during the work week, and somebody is always on-call during nights, weekends & holidays.

You’ll hear from us more than we hear from you.

We proactively check in with you throughout the year to learn how we can provide even better services to you and your people.


simple, flat-rate pricing

We designed the Impact Suite to be extraordinarily flexible. That flexibility allows you to twist and turn the Impact Suite in any which way to get what you need – without having to ever worry about surprise charges or customization fees.

Our simple, flat-rate pricing aligns with your portfolio’s size so that it makes sense for your budget.