AmeriCorps Listserv – AClist

The Learning Community for Program Staff is Back!

AmeriCorps program directors and staff used to have a thriving, nationwide listserv where ideas and resources could be easily shared.  Thanks to a cadre of committed program staff from across the country, that list — AClist — is back!   

It AClist’s second year back, staff from nearly 400 programs and service commissions have joined!

Since the original AClist lost its funding, the absence of a single place for program staff to connect with and learn from one another has been palpable.  Outside of once-a-year regional conferences and September’s annual gathering for National Directs, idea and resource sharing of programs across states has ground to a near-halt.  With this year’s regional conferences being postponed or cancelled, and with the incredible amount of innovation happening in the field around COVID-19 responses, now is clearly the time to try to bring back AClist and the meaningful idea and resource sharing that AmeriCorps program staff want.

How to Join AClist!

  • From your e-mail address at work, send an e-mail to

  • Reply to an e-mail you’ll receive, confirming that you want to join the list.

  • That’s it!  As soon as you send the confirmation e-mail, you’ll have instant access to the knowledge being shared among your peers nationwide.

The People Behind AClist.

The AmeriCorps program staff listed below represent programs of all shapes and sizes and all regions of the country.  As we worked on the tech side of things, these people made the revived AClist a safe, meaningful place to share and learn from one another.  In particular, they helped draft AClist’s terms of service and use policy.

  • Robin Bowman, United Way of Central West Virginia
  • Nick Candia, Breakthrough Central Texas
  • Lauren DeGrosky, Reading Assist (Delaware)
  • Ann Drazkowski, Arizona Serve (Arizona)
  • Rachel Durben, Sierra Nevada Alliance (California)
  • Laura Linn, Mt. Adams Institute (Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Oregon, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia)
  • Heather Musinski, FRYSC Corps (Kentucky)
  • Jason Scott, Knoxville Knox County Community Action Committee (Tennessee)
  • Michael Snyder, American Red Cross in New York State
  • Erin Rausch, Boise State University (Idaho)

Huge thanks as well to Emily Steinberg at America’s Service Commissions for sharing her wisdom as we crafted the terms of service and use policy.

Last but not least, this list was shaped with input from AmeriCorps programs in the following states and territories: Arizona, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, Washington D.C., and Wisconsin.


How do I sign up?

Send an e-mail to  Once you send that e-mail, you’ll receive an e-mail that will ask you to confirm your account.

If I’m a member of the listserv, how do I post questions and resources?

Send your posts to

What are the listserv's rules/terms of service?

Read the peer-authored terms of service, co-created by AmeriCorps program staff nationwide, with additional guidance from a staff member at ASC and staff at America Learns.

Is there a way to leave the listserv if it’s not for me?

Easy.  Using the e-mail account you’re registered with, just send an e-mail to

Do I need a Google account to join the list?

Any type of e-mail account will do.

vAre people allowed to market their company’s products or services on the listserv?

No, and people who use the listserv in this way will be removed from the community.  Read the Terms of Service/Use Policy for all of the details.

Is there a way to get kicked off the listserv?

While we hope nobody ever gets kicked off, our team of founding advisors helped craft a democratic process for being removed from the list.  It’s detailed in the list’s Terms of Service/Use Policy.

Is there a support desk for the listserv?

If you’re having trouble signing up, please call us or sending a message to  For all other questions, the support desk is the listserv itself.  Just post your question there and somebody will reply ASAP.

Should I submit answers to the individual who asked the question, or to the entire listserv?

You may respond either way. If you believe the entire listserv would benefit by your answer, send it to the entire group. If, however, you think the nature of the question or your answer warrants a private response, feel free to send that response only to the email address of the individual posing the question.

What if somebody answers a question and I don't agree with the response?

Disagreements are always welcome. Just be kind.

What if the listserv becomes very, very active? How will I deal with all that email?

Participants are asked to carefully fill in the “subject” field of their submission so that recipients may skip through messages that pertain to issues that are of no concern to them. Likewise, when posting responses to original messages, be sure the title in the subject area helps receivers relate the responses to the original message. For example, the subject of the original message might be “Recruiting Members with Forestry Skills in North Carolina”. Responses to that email submission might read “Re: Recruiting Members with Forestry Skills in North Carolina” in the subject area. You may also sign up for the Daily Digest version of the listserv, which compiles all the listserv questions and responses during one day and sends it to you in one email.

How do I sign up to receive a daily digest of posts?

Log into Google Groups and click the Edit My Membership link on the right-hand section of the groups page.  You’ll be presented with the options displayed below.  Click the “Combined updates (25 messages per email)” option > Save these settings.  You’re good to go!AClist AmeriCorps Listserv Digest Mode

Will I always receive accurate information on the listserv?

We truly hope so.  That said, America Learns is not responsible for the consultation, advice, or feedback received from listserv members.  Listserv participants need to evaluate information received from their colleagues, keeping in mind that Portfolio Managers ultimately have the final say-so when it comes to interpreting regulations and guidance.  For issues pertaining to AmeriCorps grant requirements or other compliance questions, consult your Portfolio Manager and/or the CNCS Grant Terms and Conditions, AmeriCorps Regulations, and FAQs.  If you are funded through a service commission, you can find commission contact information here.

Is CNCS managing this listserv in any way?

CNCS is not involved in this effort.  This has been a grassroots effort by AmeriCorps program directors, with us at America Learns handling the tech side of things.  We’d definitely love for CNCS to take over management of this list should resources allow for it.  And of course, should CNCS create an alternate national learning community for programs, we’ll gladly suspend this list so efforts aren’t duplicated.

Hey America Learns, you’re a privately-held business. Are you making money from the listserv?

Not at all.  Though we’re investing time, money, and effort into the development and ongoing management of the listserv, we’re not making money from it.   In fact, the list’s terms of service prevent the marketing of any product or service on the list.  We’ve been a part of the AmeriCorps community since 2004 and give back whenever and wherever we can, from being the lead sponsor of ASC’s conferences this year to creating and hosting the free AmeriCorps program logo generator.  Our community told us of this need and we have the capacity to fill it, so we’re making it happen in partnership with the founding members listed above.