Upcoming Event on Evaluating Data Products & Services

In recognition of the work we do with the organizations we serve, Data Analysts for Social Good has asked us to lead a webinar on evaluating data-focused products and services.

There is an incredibly powerful array of software- and web-based tools to help organizations monitor, evaluate, and improve service delivery.   While the technology behind these products is incredible, the products are only effective if organizations have the necessary culture and human capital to support them.

The hands-on session will give you tools to answer the following questions as you evaluate data-related products and services for your organization:

– How can I make sure that this service is aligned with my organization’s current culture and aspirational culture around the collection and use of data?

– How can I determine whether our organization has the capacity to make the most of this service?

– How can I make sure that this service continues to be used after those individuals leading the service’s implementation are promoted, leave the organization permanently, or go on an extended vacation, maternity leave, or medical leave?

– How can I hold our vendors accountable for helping us build their services into our culture?

Members of Data Analysts for Social Good can register for free. If you aren’t a member, please register here.