COVID-19 Isn’t Interrupting AmeriCorps Recruitment & Enrollment for Health360

Connecticut-based Health360 has been using the AmeriCorps Impact Suite since 2015.

When COVID led to stay-at-home orders this past March, AmeriCorps programs nationwide had to figure out new processes for enrollment and recruitment, especially when it came to member files.  How can members safely and securely submit mountains-full of PII when noone is in the office?

A few years ago, Health360’s AmeriCorps program was one of the first to adopt the AmeriCorps Impact Suite’s electronic member file management system.  Recently, Celia Meyer, Health360’s National Programs Coordinator, described how she used the member file management system to prevent recruitment and enrollment interruptions from occuring.

Health360 began using the America Learns member management platform for all our state and national AmeriCorps member enrollment paperwork about three years ago.  The platform allows incoming members to safely submit paperwork directly to the program.  Program staff then have 24/7 access to all member paperwork online.  When the agency began working remote in March 2020, we had no interruption in recruitment and enrollment for the August and September 2020 new year start dates.  The choice to move member enrollment paperwork to the member management platform is now a vital component of our program operations.
– Celia Meyer, National Programs Coordinator (December 2020)

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