Celebrating Five Years with Coach Across America

We’ve been working with Coach Across America since the program’s inception five years ago.  Today, the program engages more than 450 coaches across the country, through both AmeriCorps- and privately-funded cohorts.  Most of the program’s AmeriCorps work is funded through a national grant, though the program also receives state funding in Florida, Illinois, and Louisiana,

Yesterday, I had the incredible treat of attending a portion of the program’s Coach Training Institute in Los Angeles.  When I arrived, coaches were learning about how long it takes for adrenaline to work through kids’ bodies when they get angry, how to support children with trauma, and how to prevent situations that can lead to trauma.  The coaches were led through these lessons in both classroom-based and hands-on learning activities.

I volunteered as a football and basketball coach in L.A. city parks for years, and America Learns has had the privilege of working with other sports-based youth development organizations over the years.  I’ve never seen such thorough training in the sector.  Our team here would want our own children to be served by CAA coaches.

Congrats, Coach Across America, both on your success and for being incredible role models in the sports-based youth development field.