Welcome to ConnectiCorps, Part of the State’s Covid-19 Response!

We’re thrilled to begin working with ConnectiCorps — part of Connecticut’s response to supporting its communities during the pandemic.

Led y the Alliance, the brand new AmeriCorps program will help address the growing demand on essential services provided by the state’s nonprofits in the areas of food security, housing, and antipoverty assistance.  ConnectiCorps will place 60 to 80 part-time members who will provide between 70,000 and 90,000 total hours of service at up to 20 nonprofit sites.

Duties of members will include reviewing/updating host-site COVID-19 safety protocols, deploying creative approaches to safely recruit and retain volunteers, helping nonprofits create virtual volunteering opportunities, and providing temporary direct service relief for operations at host site.

Welcome to the community of programs using the AmeriCorps Impact Suite!