Welcome to Digital Navigators of Larimer County & the Loveland Public Library!

Digital Navigators of Larimer County

In an effort to foster a more digitally equitable and inclusive community in Larimer County, Colorado, the Loveland Public Library is launching the The Digital Navigators of Larimer County. The program is set to make a significant impact on the community by recruiting AmeriCorps service members to serve as Digital Navigators at various library and library-partnered host sites in the county.

Bringing Digital Inclusion to Larimer County
The Digital Navigators are deeply rooted in the vision and mission of creating a digital-equitable and -inclusive community in Larimer County. AmeriCorps members will be placed at one of seven library and library-partnered host sites, with more being added during the programs first year.

Who the Program Will be Serving
The Digital Navigators will serve individuals from historically marginalized communities, including people with disabilities, older adults, ethnic and racial minorities, those living below 150% of the federal poverty level, individuals with limited literacy or English language proficiency, and residents of rural areas. AmeriCorps members will also engage in outreach activities to raise awareness about digital inclusion and equity, ensuring that the community knows about the availability of these services.

The Program + The Impact Suite
As the program’s first year gets underway, the program’s leadership realized it needed a one-stop-shop to handle AmeriCorps member enrollment, HR files, desk audits from Serve Colorado, client management, client goal tracking, performance measurement, and storytelling — making sure government funders and other stakeholders understand the program’s impact and opportunities.  Ultimately, the program chose to adopt the Impact Suite as its one-stop-shop to handle all of these needs.