First Lady Gets Her Hands Dirty with FoodCorps!

FoodCorps with Michelle Obama_April 2014

Last week, when Michelle Obama hosted her 6th Annual Spring Planting at the White House Kitchen Garden, she had some special guests: members of FoodCorps!

It was an extraordinary day, and a great way to jump into Spring. The First Lady called FoodCorps “close to her heart.” She said that the work they do — “getting out there and teaching healthy habits for our kids — is brilliant.” And she gave each person from the FoodCorps delegation — four members of our founding team and six FoodCorps service members — a hug before saying goodbye.

 The day was a validation of everything FoodCorps service members and partners are building around the country.

We’re so honored that we get to work with incredible organizations, like FoodCorps. We’re sending a HUGE congrats their way.