The 2021-22 “Grill the Tech Vendors” Guide for AmeriCorps is Here!

Do you know what bums us out?

When an AmeriCorps program director comes to us and says, “I invested in Technology X last year…. It ended up being very different from what was promised during the sales process.”

That. Shouldn’t. Happen.

It especially shouldn’t happen in the national service community, where most programs are led by small teams with far too many responsibilities.  You don’t have time to buy a piece of technology and then find out after the fact that it’s not a good fit.

We want you to invest in the best compliance and program excellence tools and systems for your program – even if it’s not our own AmeriCorps Impact Suite.

Since 2011, we’ve been publishing a guide for AmeriCorps program staff to use when evaluating data systems that handle AmeriCorps timesheets, performance measurement, impact tracking, member files, alumni enagement, applications, and more.

As this year’s ASC National Service Training Conference gets underway, we’re releasing an updated guide to help AmeriCorps program staff stay in control of the sales process while getting all of the information they need to make the best possible investment for their programs.

Whether or not we work together, we hope you’ll use the guide to make the absolute best technology investments for you and your program.

Downlad the guide by clicking the cover below.

AmeriCorps Grill The Tech Vendors