If Communication is Everything, Let’s Make it Everything

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AmeriCorps and other social impact organizations we serve have been asking us to develop a simple way to track communications with members, staff, volunteers and clients served.

After all, it’s no fun to have to search one’s inbox or phone for emails and texts sent — especially if the staff member who sent the message is no longer with one’s program, and extra-specially when one’s program is undergoing an audit or file review!

As of today, each organization we serve can access the history of e-mails and texts sent through the Impact Suite platform to AmeriCorps members, volunteers, staff, and clients/beneficiaries.  In true Impact Suite fashion, this new group of commnications features includes the ability to maintain total control over who sees what and when.

So if an AmeriCorps member needs to find a text that was sent to her, all she has to do is log in.

Or if someone needs to see a history of messages send to a volunteer or client, just log in.

Or if a program is going through an audit and needs to produce evidence of attempts to get a member to complete their timesheets on time, each of those reminder messages are organized in one place.

Here’s a quick preview of the new feature.  Get in touch if you’d like to test drive this or any other aspect of the platform, or schedule a custom demo hereLess admin, more impact.