We’ve Added Custom Staff & Site Supervisor Profile Management to the Mix!

Over the years, the Impact Suite has grown in its all-in-oneness.
A few years ago, organizations we serve began to create and manage:
  • Custom HR profiles for volunteer and AmeriCorps programs
  • Custom profiles for clients and projects.
Then in 2020, organizations began getting docs signed electronically via our exclusive partnership with signNow.
And now, we’re thrilled to announce that clients can create and manage HR files for staff and site supervisors as well!  That’s right, the Impact Suite now has CRM and HRIS (human resources information system) superpowers for volunteers, AmeriCorps members, internal staff, and site supervisors who work for partner organizations!
So in one, simple yet highly-customizable platform, organizations can now:
  • Manage the HR records of all their people — from staff, AmeriCorps members and volunteers to the clients being served;
  • Communicate with their people with e-mail and SMS;
  • Easily collect reports from whoever needs to file reports;
  • Build a thriving learning community among staff, volunteers, and/or AmeriCorps members;
  • Handle timesheets for volunteers, AmeriCorps members, and staff; and
  • Handle all-things financial reporting for grants management.
And, after nearly 20 years, we’re still just getting started.  We’re continuing to make ever-larger investments in our platform to not only enhance current functionality, but to add additional all-in-one goodness for the people we’re so fortuntate to serve, allowing them to spend as much energy as possible focused on impact, not admin.