Our Work with Serve Kentucky

Serve Kentucky currently administers 20 AmeriCorps programs with more than $11.5 million in federal grant funds along with supporting other community service programs across the Commonwealth.

Two years ago, Serve Kentucky moved its data collection efforts to the Service Commission Impact Suite.  The commission chose the Impact Suite because staff wanted a truly flexible, customizable system that made it easy to not just collect CNCS-required data, but also information that allows commission staff to better support their programs.

Commission staff also wanted a system that truly respected the time of its AmeriCorps program directors who would be reporting.  They wanted their program directors to hop in, report data, and get back to their important work.  They didn’t want program directors to hop from tab to tab to tab.

We just received the following video from Carie Kizziar, Serve Kentucky’s Program Officer.  Carie, thanks for sharing your America Learns experiences with others!