New AmeriCorps Workshop! The Essentials of Feedback and Coaching

AmeriCorps member retention is top-of-mind this season.  Have you ever thought about how your method of giving feedback impacts member retention?  We see feedback strategies and processes as core retention tools as one’s feedback style can be the difference between a member overcoming their challenges, or not.

Giving the importance of feedback style, we’ve asked Do Good, Be Good to lead a workshop on upping one’s feedback game. Called The Essentials of Feedback and Coaching, this must-attend workshop will be on Wednesday, December 6th at 2 PM Eastern (11 Pacific; 1 Central).

Here’s what we’ll cover during the workshop:

  • The Big Picture: Feedback is essential for your AmeriCorps member’s growth, and it can be very hard to receive, especially if you do not have a strong foundation of trust and open communication.
  • Why is Giving and Receiving Feedback so Difficult? Feedback can uncover blind spots in our sense of self. There are parts of our personality that are visible to the people around us that we are not aware of. Receiving feedback about these unseen personality traits or behaviors can be very jarring.
  • Member’s past history with feedback: Some members may have been sheltered from evaluative feedback by overprotective parents, while others may have learned to tough it out and hide any challenges that they are facing that affect their performance.
  • Different Types of Feedback: We’ll cover the difference between appreciation, coaching, and evaluation. When is each appropriate?
  • Effective Delegation & Its Relationship to Feedback: Members often end up in conflict or quit because of miscommunication with their supervisors over expectations. How can you prevent that?

Instructor Bio: Betsy Prueter

In addition to being an instructor with Do Good Be Good, Betsy Prueter is the Senior Director of Programming at the Postsecondary National Policy Institute (PNPI) in Washington, D.C. PNPI provides professional development and continuing education to current and prospective higher education policy professionals. Prior to PNPI, she managed several AmeriCorps and AmeriCorps*VISTA programs. Throughout her career, Betsy has enjoyed teaching and mentoring college students- including through Massachusetts Campus Compact as an AmeriCorps*VISTA herself.

On Zoom, Wednesday, December 6th from 11am-12:30pm PT / 12-1:30pm MT / 1-2:30pm CT / 2-3:30pm ET.


This workshop is open to both staff and supervisors. Feel free to share this workshop with your site supervisors or anyone who needs help on giving feedback to AmeriCorps members.

This workshop is free for America Learns Clients using the Impact Suite, and  $35/attendee for everyone else.

If you are an America Learns client, please register here.

For everyone else, please register here.

Hope to see you there!