Using the Impact Suite for Alumni Management & Teacher Timesheets at a Preschool

We’re thrilled to welcome The Maggy Haves School to the community of organizations using the Impact Suite!

The Maggy Haves School is a progressive preschool in Los Angeles founded in 1976 by the activist and innovative educator Maggy Haves, who believed that empowering children is fundamental to addressing wider social and political challenges.  One of the school’s central goals is to give children a greater understanding of their emotional process and how that affects their actions and behaviors.

After years of trying to manage alumni relationships via Excel, the school decided that it needed a simple, centralized place to manage and stay in touch with alumni.  The small school also needed a simple place to manage teacher timesheets.

The Impact Suite is an affordable, one-stop-shop for the school to handle both timesheets and alumni relationship management.

We’re so excited to give the school — run by a volunteer board and two non-teacher staff members — the capacity to easily take care of their alumni and timesheet needs!