Volunteer Generation Fund Monitoring Kickoff in Kansas!

Volunteer Generation Fund | Volunteer Maine

We had such a great time today introducing Kansas Volunteer Generation Fund subgrantees to the Impact Suite!

The Kansas Volunteer Commission is the first service commission in the nation to use all of the Impact Suite’s new tools to not only monitor AmeriCorps programs, but also VGF programs.  At last, all things around VGF compliance are in one place: progress reporting, financial monitoring, and staff timesheets.

And from the same login, Kansas service commission staff are able to monitor all of their AmeriCorps programs across all program years.  The Impact Suite is the one and only platform that facilitates all of this for AmeriCorps and Volunteer Generation Fund out of the box (while, of course, allowing commissions to customize the platform to their hearts’ content — all without customization fees or delays).  And of course, on the AmeriCorps side, we also handle member files, member timesheets, impact tracking, and more.

Here we go!