Welcome to Jesuit Volunteer Corps (JVC) Northwest!

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We’re so excited for the opportunity to begin providing AmeriCorps timesheets, impact tracking, and communications services to Jesuit Volunteer Corps (JVC) Northwest, the latest AmeriCorps National Direct program to begin using the Impact Suite.

For over 60 years, JVC Northwest has served the most vulnerable members of our society in remote, rural, and urban settings across five states in the Northwest.

And some AmeriTrivia for you! The organization actually served as a model for the establishment of Peace Corps, VISTA, AmeriCorps, and many other faith-based volunteer organizations nationwide!

JVC Northwest has had a direct partnership with AmeriCorps since 2010. Each year, over 120 JV AmeriCorps members engage directly in building the capacity of local partner agencies so they are then able to serve a greater portion of their target clientele.

The organization’s capacity building efforts strengthen the service of over 80 nonprofits each year. Capacity building resources developed by the organization’s members enhance and expand nonprofits’ abilities to meet the needs of communities in important and critical ways, including developing and enhancing programming at service sites as well as improving organizational and program evaluation, volunteer programming, communications and outreach, information technology, and partnerships and alliances.

We can’t wait to help the entire JVC team — program staff, site supervisors, and of course members — spend dramatically less time on reporting, compliance, and administrative work so that far more energy can be directed towards service and using accurate information to continue strengthening programming.  Welcome!