Welcome to Monterey County Preschool Service Corps!

Currently, about 75% of all Monterey County children entering Kindergarten are not yet at age-level in language and literacy skills.  Enter the Preschool Service Corps!

The program recruits, selects, trains, and places AmeriCorps members who serve as supports for language and literacy development in partnering preschools.  Service members serve at their respective school sites and become part of the preschool’s educational team. Examples of services that Preschool Service Corps members provide include:

– Collaborating with the classroom teachers and child’s parents to plan activities that will support the child’s language and literacy development

– Expanding children’s vocabulary through reading and play.

– Playing with children in their preschool classroom to reinforce new vocabulary and practice back and forth communication.

– Letting children explore the sounds of language by singing, rhyming, or reading books.

The Preschool Service Corps is the third education-focused social impact effort that we have an opportunity to support in Monterey County.  We’re so grateful for the opportunity to support this work in our home state.  Welcome!