Welcome to Operation UNITE!

Operation UNITE works to rid communities of illegal drug use through undercover narcotics investigations, coordinating treatment for substance abusers, providing support to families and friends of substance abusers, and educating the public about the dangers of using drugs. UNITE’s goal is to educate and activate individuals by developing and empowering community coalitions to no longer accept or tolerate the drug culture.

The organization was created in 2003 by U.S. Congressman Harold “Hal” Rogers in response to a special report, “Prescription for Pain,” published by the Lexington Herald-Leader newspaper during January and February 2003. This series of articles exposed the addiction and corruption associated with drug abuse in southern and eastern Kentucky, which largely included Rogers’ Fifth Congressional District.

The cornerstone of UNITE’s efforts are its programs focused on youth. UNITE’s programs seek to empower youth to remain free from alcohol, tobacco and other drugs and to become leaders within their school and community. This is achieved by developing drug prevention, intervention and leadership programs and by providing drug-free, youth-targeted activities.

To those ends, the UNITE Service Corps provides math tutoring and drug abuse prevention education using the “Too Good for Drugs” and “Healthy Futures/Take 10” wellness curriculums to elementary school students. Service Corps members also serve as sponsors for anti-drug UNITE Clubs and recruit volunteers for school-based prevention programs.

We’re so honored to announce that the organization has invested in the AmeriCorps Impact Suite to monitor and constantly improve the effectiveness of its Service Corps program.