Welcome to Salisbury University in Maryland!

Sending a very warm welcome to Salisbury University’s AmeriCorps program, ShoreCorps!

ShoreCorps’ mission is to strengthen the capacity of community organizations, to improve the lives of vulnerable populations, and to foster civic engagement through service and volunteerism.  The program partners with community-based organizations, schools, governmental agencies, nonprofits, and faith-based organizations to address critical educational, recreational, social and cultural needs.

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Each ShoreCorps site has its own purpose and structure; what unites them is a shared purpose of engaging citizens dedicated to making their communities better.

On the Eastern Shore of Maryland, ShoreCorps members provide such services as:

– Parent and family support services;

– Community outreach activities;

– Homework assistance;

– Mentoring services;

– Advocacy for senior citizens and caregiver support;

– Educational programs for youth and adults;

– Environmental programs;

– Health programs;

– Volunteer recruitment and management to help support community activities; and

– Increased reach, efficiency, and effectiveness of the partner site’s program.

Welcome, welcome!