Welcome to the Sonoma County Library!

We’re thrilled to welcome the Sonoma County Library’s Adult Literacy Program to the growing number of library-based literacy programs using the Student Success Impact Suite!

The Library’sprovides one-to-one tutoring for adults who wish to improve their literacy skills.  The program is learner-centered, focused on helping each learner to accomplish their goals.

The Literacy Program’s 100 volunteer tutors provide one of three services:

Basic reading and writing
In this program, learners work individually with a tutor for a minimum of two hours per week, acquiring and/or strengthening their reading and writing skills.

Family Literacy
This program introduces reading as a family value to adult learners who have at least one preschool child and are enrolled in the basic reading and writing literacy program.

Inmate Tutoring
In this program, tutors work individually with inmates on basic reading and writing at the two detention facilities in Sonoma County.