Welcome to the AmeriCorps Seniors & Volunteer Generation Fund Programs of United Way of Wapello County!

Since 1965, United Way of Wapello County in Iowa has been bringing together businesses, nonprofits, government, and individuals to tackle the challenges facing its communities.

In 2012, the organization used Volunteer Generation Fund dollars to create its Volunteer Center — a team that mobilizes volunteers, encourages volunteering, connects community members to volunteer opportunities, and provides organizations with training and support for effective volunteer management.

Additionally, the organization leads an AmeriCorps Seniors/RSVP program, which connects individuals aged 55 and older with meaningful volunteer experienecs that fit their schedule and aligns with their skill sets.

United Way of Wapello County is the first organization in our 18 year history to use the AmeriCorps Impact Suite to measure and multiply the impact of both Volunteer Generation Fund and AmeriCorps Seniors programming.  We’re so grateful for the opportunity to work together on these efforts.