A New Partnership Elevating National Service Impact

McMahon Consulting Group + America Learns

McMahon Consulting Group (MCG) is one of the most trusted consulting groups in the national service community, helping nonprofits start up, scale up, and turn around AmeriCorps and Senior Corps programs.

We’re thrilled to announce a formal partnership between our AmeriCorps practice and MCG.  Starting this month, America Learns and MCG are working together to help organizations:

– Invent, scale, and sustain high impact programs;

– Create and implement strategies to grow match funding and increase sustainability;

– Collect and use data not just for reports, but for impact;

– Reduce evaluation costs while increasing quality.

The MCG team features AmeriCorps Alums and former program staff with 25 years of national service experience.  The company developed national service responses to natural and human disasters—from Hurricane Katrina and the Joplin tornado to the foreclosure crisis and BP oil spill.  Cole McMahon, an MCG co-founder, quadrupled the size and budgets of both of the national service programs he directed.

Together, we’re committed to solving problems and increasing your impact.  Contact us to learn more about how you can leverage the efficiencies that the AL-MCG partnership offers to organizations nationwide.