Impact at AmeriCorps Tallahassee

At least once a year, we spend 90 minutes with each of the leaders using the Impact Suite’s Data+, Learning, and Communications services, figuring out how we can continue innovating to make life better for those we serve (and, of course, for the people they serve).

Earlier this morning, we led one of these sessions with Donna Harper, the leader of AmeriCorps Tallahassee.  During the conversation, we brainstormed on innovations we could bring to our student tracking system and on how we can give AmeriCorps members more abilities to use data wisely throughout the year.

While reflecting on the budget hit that her program took last year, Donna commented, “This [suite] is the only reason I was able to continue to function this year.”  

Thanks, Donna, for the incredible ideas that you shared with us today and for the kind words.  Let’s continue reducing administrative workloads so that you can spend more and more time using key information to drive impact!