AClist is Back!

In partnership with AmeriCorps program staff from across the country, we are absolutely thrilled to announce the revival of AClist — the national listserv for AmeriCorps program staff!

How is this a revival?
AmeriCorps program directors and staff used to have a thriving, nationwide listserv where ideas and resources could be easily shared.

Unfortunately, that list lost its funding all too many moons ago.

The absence of having a centralized place for program staff to share with learn from one another has been palpable.  Outside of once-a-year regional conferences and September’s annual gathering of National Directs, idea and resource sharing of programs from across state lines has ground to a near-halt.  With this year’s regional conferences being postponed or cancelled, and with the incredible amount of innovation happening in the field around Covid-19 responses, now’s the time to bring back AClist and the meaningful idea and resource sharing that AmeriCorps program staff want.

How does one join the list?
It’s super easy!  Just send an e-mail to

Who’s responsible for AClist’s revival?
This has been a true grassroots effort, led by the following group of AmeriCorps program directors:

– Robin Bowman, United Way of Central West Virginia
– Nick Candia, Breakthrough Central Texas
– Lauren DeGrosky, Reading Assist (Delaware)
– Ann Drazkowski, Arizona Serve (Arizona)
– Rachel Durben, Sierra Nevada Alliance (California)
– Laura Linn, Mt. Adams Institute (Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Oregon, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia)
– Heather Musinski, FRYSC Corps (Kentucky)
– Jason Scott, Knoxville Knox County Community Action Committee (Tennessee)
– Michael Snyder, American Red Cross in Western New York
– Erin Rausch, Boise State University (Idaho)

We’re also grateful to have received guidance from Emily Steinberg at America’s Service Commissions.

As of launch, people from the following states are on the list:   Arizona, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, Washington D.C., and Wisconsin.

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