The Great Covid-19 Pivot (Video)

To witness nearly every organization we serve pivoting during the past two+ months has been soul-charging and breathtaking.  Services have gone virtual, volunteers and AmeriCorps members are serving as essential workers, and program staff have been holding things together — programmatically and emotionally.

As our clients have turned on a dime, so have their data system needs.  Just as one example, having a system that tracks student academic outcomes is different from one that tracks food distrbution.  Or is it?

Because of how we design the Impact Suites, our customers haven’t had to deal with customization delays or customization fees. They haven’t had to start managing this or that Google Doc, find new, temporary data systems, or deal with promises that new features would soon be released to handle this moment.

Rather, our customers were ahead of the game. They simply used the Impact Suite’s built-in simplicity and flexibility to manage, monitor, and improve the new and modified services they’re offering.   No customization fees, no crazy downtime or delays.  Just pivot and go.

Check out this video from Carrie Farwell — the director of an AmeriCorps program in California — about how she pivoted her use of the Impact Suite as her AmeriCorps members took on the role as essential workers as the Coronavirus started to hit Califoria hard.