America Learns Member Workshop: Figuring Out Your Next Steps (Supporting Members in Life After AmeriCorps)

Before the pandemic, one in three AmeriCorps members who started service did not complete it. For many programs, this statistic has only worsened with the increased social and economic stressors of the last few years.

This is an issue not only for the AmeriCorps member who is not completing service, but program staff who are trying to maintain retention and completion rates so members can receive their well-earned education awards. 

According to research*, members are more likely to complete service if they:

  • Plan their own service activities;
  • Match their service to their career interests; 
  • develop a relationship with a mentor;
  • Reflect on their service experience with others.

During this workshop, the Do Good, Be Good team will help members make connections between what they are doing in their day to day service and their career interests. 

As a former Program Director, there were several times I saw members join programs for teaching and decide that the classroom was not for them, or join public health programs that didn’t quite suit their passions. This is critical to growth and what makes AmeriCorps so special. In what other situation is a service position also a learning opportunity?

We care about member development and moments like these are  chances for reflection and opportunities to help identify further growth from their AmeriCorps experience. While not all service positions are the right fit for all members, they are opportunities for members to learn resilience and responsibility, and to find ways in which service is the right fit, even if it just means showing up at a service site. 

In the workshop, Figuring Out Your Next Steps, we will help your members reflect on their service experience with other members from across the country. They will see how they are part of a national network of people who are also committed to service. They will learn about opportunities for AmeriCorps Alumni and how they can leverage those skills as they prepare to transition out of AmeriCorps at the end of their service term. 

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*Research study referenced: Institutional Predictors of Volunteer Retention: The Case of AmeriCorps National Service by Amanda Moore McBride and YungSoo Lee.