Welcome to the Center for Interfaith Cooperation!

Center for Interfaith Cooperation is Using the Impact Suite for Member Files Management and Performance Measurement

Wishing a warm welcome to Indianapolis-based Center for Interfaith Cooperation!

CIC provides safe environments, resources, and opportunities for service to facilitate interfaith encounters while building empathy between members of various faiths.  The organization believes that by facilitating interfaith encounters through service activities — an already-common activity among religious organizations — individuals will be more likely to find common ground with others who they might not otherwise connect with.  Ultimately, these moments of finding common ground will lead to a stronger, more cohesive Indianapolis.

It’s a wonderful mission, and we’re so excited to help the organization’s AmeriCorps-funded Interfaith Enrichment Corps streamline its member files management and performance measurement efforts so that the two-person national service team can start directing far more of their energy towards corps members and their community.