AmeriCorps Staff Workshop on Building Community: Esprit de Corps – What it is and how to build it!

AmeriCorps Workshop for Program Staff on Member Engagment: Creating Community for Members

Esprit de Corps. Community. A sense of belonging. Being part of something bigger than yourself.

However you describe it, this is the intangible benefit of a great AmeriCorps experience. It is transformational when it all comes together. If your program has this, recruitment and retention get dramatically easier.

As staff members managing an AmeriCorps program, you are creating community for your members. During this workshop on Member Engagement, we teach you how to create the best conditions for this community to thrive. We can also advise you on when it makes sense to step back and empower the members themselves to create it for each other. 

On February 15th, will be sponsoring a workshop geared toward AmeriCorps Program Directors and staff on Member Engagement (11 AM PST/12 PM PST/1 PM CST/2 PM EST) from the angle of how to create community for AmeriCorps members. 

This workshop is especially important for program staff and supervisors who want members to feel:

  • Belonging
  • Connection to fellow Corps members
  • A sense that they are part of something bigger than themselves and their position

It will also be geared towards programs whose members aren’t spending all of their time together.

Are your members…

  • At different sites?
  • Working on different schedules?
  • Starting at different dates in the program year?
  • Doing very different roles?

If so, then we hope you will join us on February 15th to discuss and learn more about engaging your members and building community among the members in your program. 

Tickets are free for all America Learns Impact Suite clients. All others can register here. Tickets are $35.