The AmeriCorps Time Sheet App is Coming!

We sent out the following preview of the upcoming AmeriCorps timesheet app to our clients earlier this week and thought you might like a peek as well!

The mobile app is truly a ground-up effort driven by the wishes and needs of incredible national service members.  The iOS- and Android-friendly app was designed in concert with AmeriCorps members spanning a wide rainbow of ages, physical abilities, access levels to technology, and degrees of comfort with technology.  The app offers an experience that’s quick, simple, friendly, and, well… the very opposite of eGrants ;-).

All of our timesheet clients will have automatic access to the app without any additional fees.  If you’re not yet using the Impact Suite and would like to learn more about the platform, sign up for a demo or a get in touch with us.

Here’s a quick preview!

America Learns Impact Suite Time Sheet App Preview: 12.21.22