Are You Meeting Millennials Where They Are?

So many of the organizations we serve have shared stories with us about having a tough time communicating with Millennials.  Much of our team is actually made up of members of that generation, so we get it.

The generational differences really hit us when we heard an anecdote from a national organization we serve.  Two of its people delivering services on the ground (both recent college grads) flat out said the equivalent of, “If you want to get a hold of me, text me, because I’m not going to check e-mails you send on a regular basis.”

Yes, that can feel a little intense, but the reality holds true.  According to recent research 88% of e-mails now go unread, as compared with just 2% of texts!

As of this month, all organizations using any of our Impact Suites have that ability to send individual and mass text messages to their staff, to any on-the-ground supervisors, and to their people delivering services — paid staff, volunteers, AmeriCorps members, service-learners, etc.  We’ve added this feature at no charge because we believe that when it comes to performance management, measurement, and improvement services, communications is a basic right.