Jumpstart Named an Examplar Program by the Center for High Impact Philanthropy!

Center for High Impact Philanthropy



We’re thrilled to celebrate Jumpstart’s latest achievement: being named as an “exemplar program” by the Center for High Impact Philanthropy at the University of Pennsylvania.

Children who participate in Jumpstart’s programming are more likely to enter kindergarten on track to succeed.  A 2011 study of the original model found that:

– 68% of Jumpstart students made greater grains than comparison students on a widely-used measure of kindergarten readiness, the Bracken School Readiness Assessment (BSRA), while 71% showed larger gains on a common test of early reading skills (the TERA 3).  In fact, the average gain for Jumpstart students was more than two and a half times as large as the comparison group on both tests.

– The Jumpstart students’ mean end-of-year score on the BSRA was 97, which is just slightly under the national mean of U.S. children entering kindergarten(100).  Studies show that chidrden with multiple risk factors (Jumpstart’s target population) generall perform well below the national mean on measures of school readiness.

It’s such a n honor to serve high-performing programs like Jumpstart.  Learn more about their latest recognition.