Welcome to Big Thought’s Generation Liberation!

Big Thought

Big Thought is the latest AmeriCorps-funded organization in Texas to begin using the Impact Suite to handle not just AmeriCorps compliance activities (timesheets, member files and the like), but also deep impact tracking, management, and performance measure reporting.  We’re thrilled to welcome the organization to the community of national service organizations we serve across Texas and the country!

Big Thought’s Generation Liberation AmeriCorps members serve as Opportunity Coaches for middle and high school youth in southern Dallas communities marginalized by institutional racism in the form of mass incarceration, over-policing, and poverty.  AmeriCorps members work towards helping youth improve academic and socio-emotional skills while increasing youth agency in preparing for post-secondary education.  Ultimately, Big Thought is aiming for the youth it serves to have greater wealth attainment and higher education participation.

Here’s a taste of how all this plays out:

When Anaya met her AmeriCorps Opportunity Coach, Alicia, at a Generation Liberation event this year, Alicia immediately noticed Anaya’s passion for learning.  Anaya mentioned an interest in coding and Coach Alicia got to work.

Generation Liberation was able to partner with Dallas City of Learning and CodeStream Studios to enroll Anaya and five other Generation Liberation youth in a summer coding camp. Because of her connection with her coach, Anaya learned more about a thriving career path and gained hands-on experience.

We’re so excited to be supporting your important work, Big Thought team!  Welcome!