Welcome to Collegiate Edu-Nation!

Collegiate Edu-Nation

We’re so excited to welcome Collegiate Edu-Nation to the community of Texas-based AmeriCorps programs using the Impact Suite!

CEN is a network of high-performing rural school districts serving 4,400 students united around a shared goal: To reshape the future of rural America.   The organization is grounded in the belief that the health and wellbeing of the United States is dependent on a thriving rural America.  And to those ends, an exceptionally educated and highly skilled rural workforce is the surest path to that prosperity.

The organization partners with private and public stakeholders, including businesses, education agencies, and philanthropic organizations, to improve student outcomes during and after their education.

As the organization begins to expand beyond Texas, it needs systems to make data management simple and issue-free.  That’s just one of the reasons CEN decided to invest in the Impact Suite for its brand new national AmeriCorps program.