“Break Up with Burnout!” Recording & Resources

Last month, we hosted Do Good Be Good’s Jill Homann — a long-time expert in work-based emotional health — to walk our clients through the much-needed process of breaking up with burnout and staying grounded among the constant change that comes with being human during these times.

In the workshop, participants explored the connection between stress and burnout, defined the relationship we have with each, and started to kick the risk of burnout to the curb.

Given how well the workshop was received by so many of the AmeriCorps and volunteer program staff who participated (and the amount of stress so many are trying to cope with right now), we decided to share a recording of the workshop’s core components, along with some additional resources.

If you watch the video and/or use the resources (below) and get something out if, we’d love to hear from you!

Additional Resources: