Welcome to Breakthrough Cincinnati!

Breakthrough Collaborative

Breakthrough Cincinnati just became the fifth Breakthrough Collaborative affiliate to invest in the Impact Suite for its AmeriCorps programming!

Breakthrough Cincinnati (BTC) exists to reduce disparities in education for under-represented students. The core of BTC’s program is a rigorous and fun college-preparatory summer learning program for high-need and high-potential middle school students in Cincinnati, Ohio.  In support of this mission, starting this summer, AmeriCorps Teaching Fellows will be responsible for delivering academic instruction, including lesson planning, student engagement, classroom management, and administration in order to effectively prepare BTC students to be successful in the upcoming school year and beyond.

The Breakthrough model is incredibly effective.  Recently, AmeriCorps released this ROI study finding that the program administered in Texas returns as much as $54.56 of value to the government and communities for each federal dollar invested.

So grateful for the opportunity to work with this new BTC team, helping to ensure that as much energy as possible can be directed towards students (not on AmeriCorps compliance tasks).  Welcome!