AmeriCorps Workshop: Time Management, Setting Boundaries, & Developing Healthy Habits

AmeriCorps Workshop on Time Management, Setting Boundaries, and Developing Healthy Habits

We’re thrilled to be partnering with Do Good, Be Good to bring a workshop to AmeriCorps members nationwide on concrete steps one can take to better manage time, set clear, effective boundaries, and develop other healthy habits for one’s work life.

During the workshop, AmeriCorps members will be exploring tools from Greg McKeown’s book, Essentialism, along with Steph Crowder’s 15-minute planner method.  And get ready for some wonderful boundary-setting practice!

If you’re serving with an AmeriCorps program that uses the Impact Suite, you’re able to attend this session for free.  If you don’t already have a ticket, just connect with a supervisor so that a ticket can be sent to you.

If your organization is not using the Impact Suite, purchase tickets here.  Tickets are $35.