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Creative Action

Austin, Texas-based Creative Action uses the arts as a medium to inspire creativity, unlock potentila, and transform the lives of students of all ages.  We couldn’t be more thrilled that the organization has selected the Impact Suite to help staff focus more on the students the org serves, and less worrying about AmeriCorps compliance.

Youth and families in Central Texas have a critical need for affordable, accessible, high-quality after school and summer learning programs (also known as Out-of-School Time or “OST” programs) that help young people to be safe, supported, and school-ready.  However, current after school and summer enrichment programs are not sufficient to meet the need among youth, families, and schools.  As federal funding for OST programs has dwindled in Austin, demand for after school and summer care among working families rises. Additionally, low-income students and students of color in Central Texas are more likely to experience chronic absenteeism, not graduate in four years, and drop out, highlighting systemic inequities and opportunity gaps.

Creative Action’s OST programs address these critical needs by providing access to free and affordable, arts-based after school programs to 2,000+ youth in grades PreK-8th on 35+ campuses every year, as well as eight weeks of summer learning programs. The vast majority of youth we serve attend Title I, low-income schools or come from low-income families.

Creative Action AmeriCorps service members help provide critical high-quality after school care and summer learning programs to youth in the greater Austin area.  Service members serve as educators and creatives at a number of after-school sites, playing an integral role in delivering hands-on, arts-based projects that support social and emotional development and 21st century skills.

Make art, not AmeriCorps timesheets.