Welcome to the Flint Community School Corps!

This past fall, we began to serve a number of AmeriCorps programs in the Flint, Michigan region through the Flint National Service Accelerator.  In less than a year, those programs saw such a dramatic return on investment with the Impact Suite that the Accelerator has decided to help another AmeriCorps-funded organization in the region take advantage of the Impact Suite as well.

That organization, the Crim Fitness Foundation, supports the Flint Community School Corps.  Comprised of AmeriCorps State and VISTA members, corps members serve in schools to:

  • Deliver educational programming;
  • Create systems to connect school administrators, parents, social service supports, and community members in ways that improve academic outcomes; and to
  • Recruit and manage a core pool of parent and community volunteers.

Currently in its third year of programming, the FCSC has four member slots in each of the 11 Flint Community Schools, including Community Resource Developer VISTA, Family Engagement VISTA, Education Coordinator, and Physical Activity Coordinator.

We’re so looking forward to making life better for FCSC when it comes to AmeriCorps member files, student management and tracking, impact tracking, and sharing results with stakeholders.