How Document Signing Works in the Impact Suite

Back in June, we worked with signNow to integrate document signing into our platform.

Especially for the AmeriCorps programs we serve, staff were exhausted by having documents signed in one platform (or on paper!) and then uploading those documents to the Impact Suite for management and easy reviews by service commissions and auditors.  This exhaustion only grew when Covid hit and people were working from home — away from their paper files.

Additionally, a number of programs we work with serve in areas that were hit by flooding during the past few years, putting their paper files at risk.  These programs wanted a truly safe, secure place to handle all things file management.

Our clients told us that they needed the Impact Suite to not only manage files, but to also facilitate the easy signing of AmeriCorps member enrollment, exit, and performance evaluation documents.

Since launching our integrated document signing service, programs we serve have told us that they’ve reduced the amount of time spent on member enrollment by more than half, allowing staff to reallocate their time to activities that they once only dreamed of having time for.

Here’s a quick review of how it all works!