Welcome to Literacy AmeriCorps!

AmeriCorps Florida

Truly excited to begin providing timesheet and AmeriCorps member file management services to Literacy AmeriCorps in Palm Beach County, Florida!

Great, longstanding program + wonderful leadership.  And that leadership is about to be able to do so much more now that the program is adopting the Impact Suite platform to bring massive efficiencies to its AmeriCorps member enrollment, file management, and timesheet flows.  So long, paper!  So long, Excel!

About the program:
Literacy AmeriCorps recruits, trains and supervises up to 40 members who each contribute 1,700 hours of service in tutoring, mentoring and participating in meaningful community service projects.  Members may be assigned to family literacy centers where they will work with parents and children, library programs serving adults or children, elementary schools where they tutor children who are underachieving in reading, and adult literacy programs where they teach groups of adults who want to learn English or gain employability skills. Some of our members serve at high schools as graduation coaches for students who are at risk of dropping out.

We’re so grateful that the program selected the Impact Suite as its one-stop-shop for AmeriCorps member enrollment, file management, and timesheet compliance.  Welcome!