Life After Migrating from LiteracyPro: A Story from the San Diego Public Library

In 2020, after using the LiteracyPro data system for nine years to manage its adult literacy programming, the San Diego Public Library migrated to the Impact Suite to make the process of managing all aspects of its programming — from one-on-one tutoring to family literacy — far more efficient for staff and far more meaningful for tutors and learners.

Stephanie Contreras, the Family Literacy Coordinator of CLLS-funded READ/San Diego, put together the following video to describe what life was life before and after moving to the Impact Suite.  Note that as you listen to Stephanie, it may sound like we built a custom software solution for her. . . we didn’t!  It’s just that the Impact Suite is incredibly flexible — it makes it feel like you spent tens of thousands of dollars building a custom solution just for your program.

Thanks for sharing your experiences with us, Stephanie!