Less than a Year into Adopting the Impact Suite, the Flint National Service Accelerator is Directing So Much More Energy Towards Mission — and Less on Admin.

Less than a year ago, the Flint National Service Accelerator adopted the Impact Suite for three of its AmeriCorps programs, and recently onboarded one additional AmeriCorps State and one VISTA program into the Impact Suite ecosystem.

Prior to using the Impact Suite, the Accelerator’s national service initiatives were using disparate data collection processes and systems that were slowing down both service members and staff.  Now, by having a one-stop-shop for AmeriCorps member files, performance measure tracking,  reporting to funders, communications, VISTA timesheets, and VISTA mileage reimbursements, the Accelerator’s staff and service members are able to focus so much more energy on mission — and far less on admin.

Katie de Araujo, one of the Accelerator’s leaders, just created the following video sharing her experience with the Impact Suite.  If you’re evaluating the Impact Suite and would like more information about how onboarding can happen so quickly (and smoothly) for such a large effort with many, many people and moving parts, connect with us!