Eliminate Your Excel Files, Custom Formulas & Pivot Tables

If you’re spending money on a data system, are you spending time exporting that data and then manipulating it in Excel? Are you having to deal with lots of custom formulas and a pivot table or two?

Here at America Learns, we believe that if you’re spending money on a data system, you shouldn’t have to spend crazy amounts of time with Excel formulas, pivot tables, or the like.
Your system should spit out your data in the exact (or near-exact) format you need so you can get on with your work of driving meaningful change.

With features we just launched today, those we serve will rarely (if ever) be in a position of having to spend time manually manipulating data exports to get the information that’s most important to them. The only time complex manipulations might happen is when data needs to be analyzed or visualized with tools like R, Tableau, or SPSS.

The following is a quote from Kayla Fielder, an AmeriCorps program director at Idaho State University. She shared these thoughts on a survey we sent out to our clients, asking them to share what’s working with the Impact Suite and how we can make it even better.

Eliminate Excel - Idaho AmeriCorps

You have a world to change. Your data system should speed you up, not slow you down.

So say NO to time spent manipulating Excel worksheets.
Say NO to pivot tables.
And say YES to why you’re doing this work in the first place.