Three “AmeriCorps Impact Suite” Orgs Highlighted in Press Release from AmeriCorps!

Yesterday, the federal AmeriCorps agency announced the names of 600 organizations nationwide that are receiving competitive funding for the 2021-22 AmeriCorps program year.

ALL of the AmeriCorps programs we serve that applied for competitive funding secured it!   Even more, of the six programs highlighted in the agency’s press release, three use the AmeriCorps Impact Suite to stay compliant while expanding their impact.  Here’s a rundown of those three:

– 20 AmeriCorps members with the Utica Public Housing AmeriCorps program will help the long-term unemployed enter the workforce by providing job readiness training and placement services. An AmeriCorps grant of $281,740 will enable the AmeriCorps members to provide financial literacy education and help place those facing homelessness in quality, affordable housing by using an evidence-based, comprehensive case management approach to poverty reduction.

– With an investment of $4,319,500, College Advising Corps will place AmeriCorps members in 265 underserved high schools in 11 states in areas that include Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta, St. Louis, Philadelphia, and Kansas City. AmeriCorps members will provide college advising to low-income, first-generation, underrepresented students, increasing the college enrollment rates at the schools the serve.

Boston Health Care for the Homeless will receive a grant of $211,900 to support 13 AmeriCorps members who will provide care coordination and health education services to people experiencing homelessness in the greater Boston area. Their service will provide homeless individuals and families with improved access to health care, connects to health-supporting resources and social services, health education, and education to prevent overdoses and support substance misuse disorders.

We’re so fortunate and grateful to be serving some of the highest-performing programs in the country.  It’s such an honor to support your work and service.  Keep it up, y’all!