Welcome to AppalCorps!

So excited to welcome Tennessee-based AppalCorps to the community of nutrition-focused AmeriCorps programs using the AmeriCorps Impact Suite nationwide.

AppalCorps is a project of the Appalachian Resource Conservation & Development Council, which works to preserve the region’s heritage, promote local growers/producers, and protect the lands of past generations so that future generations may be able to enjoy the natural wonders our region has to offer.

AppalCorps members serve in organizations across Tennessee, helping to implement backyard gardening programs, support farmers and farmers markets, teach youth about healthy eating habits, expand food distribution programs, and much more.

We’ve been working with nutrition-focused AmeriCorps programs for more than 10 years to make AmeriCorps compliance and impact-tracking a breeeze.  We couldn’t be more excited to begin serving AppalCorps and the program’s incredible leader, Rachel Armor.  Welcome!