Welcome to Serve Louisiana!

Serve Louisiana — the state’s longest-running AmeriCorps program — was formed in 1991 as Louisiana Delta Service Corps, part of a three-state program formed to tackle social issues facing communities in the Lower Mississippi River Delta region. Today, nearly three decades later, Serve Louisiana members help nonprofits, public schools, grassroots efforts and community initiatives in the Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

Each year, up to 37 members serve full-time, 11-month terms as Volunteer Coordinators, Technology & Social Media Coordinators, Program Outreach & Community Awareness Coordinators, and Program Development Coordinators. It’s a big commitment — but one that consistently helps partner organizations build greater capacity to serve their community stakeholders.

Serve Louisiana is the first state-based AmeriCorps program we’ve had an opportunity to serve in the state.  We’re beyond honored and excited to begin working together so that its staff can spent less time on AmeriCorps compliance and far more time on mission-focused efforts.  Welcome!