Welcome to Birmingham Corps: Capacity Builders Program!

We’re so thrilled to welcome Birmingham Corps (twitter) to the community of organizations using the Impact Suite to manage, monitor, and scale its AmeriCorps program!

Birmingham Corps is a few short weeks away from launching its first AmeriCorps program — a paid service-learning opportunity that will recruit, train, and develop 20 full-time AmeriCorps members to support local nonprofits working to expand economic and social impact efforts in underserved communities in Birmingham.

Over the course of the program year, AmeriCorps members will work full-time at a local, high-impact nonprofit. They will develop resources and systems to increase access, coordinate services, and foster education and economic opportunities. Based on placement, responsibilities may include:

  • Coordinating career counseling, pre-employment, training and GED classes

  • Coordinating mentoring, counseling, mental health, healthy food access, and other well-being resources

  • Coordinating child care services, transportation, high-speed internet access, and other safety net provisions critical to supporting families and parents seeking gainful employment

  • Developing programs to increase access to literacy interventions and exposure to STEM opportunities as a pathway to gainful employment

Following the lead of its sister organization, Baltimore Corps, Birmingham Corps decided to invest in the Impact Suite to make performance measure tracking and reporting a breeze, especially when it comes to tracking the longitudinal impact of its members’ efforts.

Of special note, Birmingham Corps — like many of our clients — is exceeding its AmeriCorps member recruitment goals this year.  Check out this infographic…. 88 applicants for 20 spots.  Phenomenal for a 1st year program!

Birmingham Corps Recruitment