Welcome to Literacyworks AmeriCorps in California!

Over the past 10+ years, we’ve come to work with one third of California’s public library systems, helping them to manage and grow the impact of their volunteer adult literacy programs.

Starting this fall, through a grant to the Pacific Library Partnership and administered by Literacyworks, 70  Literacyworks AmeriCorps members are being placed at 32 libraries across California to assist adult literacy programs in the COVID-19 recovery process.

Specifically, AmeriCorps members will:

  • Provide literacy instruction through individual tutoring sessions and small group sessions focused on learner goals;
  • Promote learner networking and leadership skills development; and
  • Recruit and support volunteer tutors.

Libraries will be using the Impact Suite to easily manage AmeriCorps member files, handle member and staff timesheets, and to track program impact, including each learner’s unique goals and goal-accomplishment process.

Learn more about each organization involved in this unique partnership by clicking their logo below.

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